About Us

A story that goes a long way back
We are a multidisciplinary company, active since 1997, where the experience and freshness of different technical and commercial disciplines converge and every customer may find a strategic partner able to support and lead during all the phases of the project design and development.  

Our portfolio of services ranges from design and construction to certification and management and maintenance of machines and systems for the industry as well as the development of sales and markets in order to fulfiull every customer need.

Thanks to our company structure, GEMUX offers technical solutions (machines, skids and plant services) related dedicated to the industry.
We are a group of qualified and experienced people.
A team with expertise and seniority is able to propose new machines or after a preventive analysis to manage the maintenance, replacement or restoration of machines and systems both industrial and process through with targeted and scheduled interventions.

Besides, we provide technical consulting services to develop tailor-made solutions based as per company process conditions and needs so that we may properly support our customers in the right choice and meet the most relevant needs throughout the various applications.

The attention paid to our customers’ needs as well as our know-how have let us develop and consolidate fruiful and constructive relationships with the main pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical companies and establish international collaborations with manufacturing companies, leaders of the sector.
The executive team
Massimo Meoni - mmeoni@gemux.com

Luca Montemurri - lmontemurri@gemux.com
Head of Standard Products Division 

Andrea Pozzi - apozzi@gemux.com
Head of Engineering and Service Division

The Staff
A group of more than 25 people dedicated to make our customers’ life easy:
·  4 responsibles for mechanical processing and assembly

·  3 technicians specialized in service and maintenance, available on site, too

·  6 technical designers

·  2 back office responsibles

·  4 agents on the the Italian territory

·  6 distributors on the the foreign markets

·  2 administrative responsibles
Our Milestones
1997 Opening of Gemux

2012 Acquisition of CDK

2021 Organisation of the company new Management Team

2022 Development and completion of the product commercial offer

Our Vision

To offer high-level quality and excellent services through a detailed analysis of any process needs in order to propose the best solutions and apply the most innovative maintenance engineering criteria.

Our Mission

We aim at giving our contribution in order to increase sustainability through energy efficiency, to suggest the best practice of choice and use of machinery and systems for ensuring high standards of safety, reliability and satisfaction.

The commercial offer

The recent arrival of a new management team in Gemux has given us the opportunity to refresh the company and build a broader schedule of offers. We mutually operate through a matrix system consisting of 3 technical specialized units together with 2 commercial divisions.

For any details about the offered activities available for our customers, kindly refer to the dedicated page "What we do".